TSK Gas to Power

The development of TSK’s activity in the gas sector has been closely related to the growth of gas infrastructures in Spain, from the first gas pipelines made for ENAGAS in the 80s, to the latest actions underway at the ENAGAS LNG regasification plants in Barcelona or at the REGANOSA plant in Galicia. Since then, TSK has participated in just under half of the gas pipelines in Spain’s transport network, with some 5,500 km.

The 80s and 90s marked the development of the gas transport network and TSK achieved its greatest success by participating in the EMPL project, the first gas connection pipeline between Spain and Africa, and later, in 2000, by participating in the MEDGAZ project.

In the 90s TSK started with ENAGAS the activity in the compression stations. These facilities and the new networks allowed the gas to be taken to a large part of the country and changed the energy model with modern combined cycles that increased the efficiency of the energy system at that time.

Currently, 13 of the 19 ENAGAS compression stations in Spain are signed by TSK.

The concern for the reduction of emissions also has its place in this type of project and is the reason why ENAGAS is making the first compression station with electric motor compressors in Spain and in which TSK also participates, as it has previous experience with this technology in projects in France for TSOs. This compression station in Euskadour has no CO2 emissions, and its visual and environmental footprint is the smallest of all the facilities that ENAGAS has in operation.

At the beginning of the 21st century, TSK started its activities in the LNG regasification plants, specifically in the Barcelona terminal of ENAGAS. The constant relationship between both companies means that today, in 2020, the Boil-off Gas (BOG) system of this same plant is being modified with the aim of avoiding CO2 emissions due to the combustion of the excess BOG generated in the storage tanks and to comply with environmental commitments.

In 2016, TSK bought the Oil & Gas division of Intecsa-Inarsa, so that all the experience and knowledge of the sector acquired up to that point was integrated into the structure of the group.

This joint history between ENAGAS and TSK also has its continuity on the other side of the Atlantic. In 2014 ENAGAS calls TSK to make the first compression station abroad, in Mexico. TSK will also participate in the LNG terminal in Chile, in which ENAGAS is a shareholder.

It is a common history of more than 40 years, whose future points to a change in the energy matrix and where other technologies, such as hydrogen, will be present. The relationship between TSK and companies in the gas sector can be strengthened in energy transition projects, where the experience that TSK has in renewable projects, Gas To Power, energy storage in salt or cryogenic (High View Power), together with the new technological positioning in H2, will create a new collaboration link between our companies, which will make this common history continue.