We are TSK

Where people, knowledge and experience are a perfect combination

What differentiates a great company from a large enterprise?

Since our conception as a company in 1988, we have grown in all quantifiable aspects: international presence, number of people working with us, projects in progress and their volume…, but we have managed to maintain an atmosphere of closeness and contact, going from just 30 to around a thousand.

Every member of TSK knows their peers and can chat with everyone, because we are all accessible. The well-being of our staff and the pride of a job well done, are the basis that motivates their total involvement in each project. The access to constant training, the flexibility of schedules and the availability of multiple extra-labor services within our own facilities, make TSK, in the words of our team, a “great place to develop your career”, where you feel part of the company and not just employees. We are not just a company, we are TSK.

Get to know our professionals

We approach every project and every meeting with common sense, good work and high professional ethics.

Ana Isabel Bernardo Pérez joined TSK in 2018 to manage and promote the Audit and Project Control Department. She brings more than 20 years of experience in similar positions in companies in the sector.

Ana Bernardo Pérez

Audit and Project Control Director

TSK offers an ideal environment to establish a career opportunity.

Luis Fernández Goñi was Project Manager at TSK from his incorporation in 2007 until 2016, when he began to control production and budgetary deviations, an essential task in projects of the size assumed by the company.

Luis Fernández Goñi

Project Manager

It is really satisfying to work in a work environment where you are not pigeonholed and you always have the opportunity to progress.

Elena Ramos Gutiérrez is an example of how dedication and initiative can take you from starting as a receptionist in 2007, later to Communication Management and then the Commercial Department, and from there to accompanying Ana Bernardo in Audit and Project Control.

Elena Ramos

Audit and Project Control