Social Responsibility

At TSK we wanted to take another step forward in the integration of social responsibility criteria, including economic, environmental, social, ethical management, good governance and transparency, through the development and implementation of a Management System based on the IQNET SR10 standard.

This System helps us to systematise, and integrate with other systems in our organisation, the criteria and requirements contained in this standard, as well as those contained in the international standard ISO 26000, a guide that provides guidance on the principles underlying social responsibility, the recognition of social responsibility and the involvement of stakeholders, the identification of risks and material aspects, and on how to integrate socially responsible behaviour in the organisation, emphasising the importance of results and improvements in the performance of social responsibility.

Key actions such as the identification, prioritisation and advanced dialogue with our Stakeholders, the identification of our sustainability risks, in the areas of ethics, the community, the environment or people, have allowed us to draw up a Policy, a Code of Ethics, and a Plan of Objectives and Actions, coherent and aligned with our priorities and with the concerns of our stakeholders, aimed at improving our social, economic and environmental performance.