Geothermal energy is one of the least known renewable energy sources and is stored below the Earth’s surface in the form of heat and linked to volcanoes, hot springs, fumaroles and geysers.


High-temperature geothermal resources are mainly used for the production of electricity, in the case of high-temperature deposits (above 100-150°C). When the temperature of the deposit is not sufficient to produce electricity, its main applications are thermal in the industrial, utilities and residential sectors.

Until now, the use of this energy in the world has been limited to areas where the geological conditions were very favourable. However, the current technological advances in equipment and improvements in prospecting and drilling, allow us, today, to have technology for the production of electricity from geothermal resources of significantly lower temperatures than those required years ago.

The heat of the Earth in Mexico converted into energy

TSK developed the EPC Los Azufres III Phase II geothermal plant in Mexico (Los Azufres), with a capacity of 25 MW. The objective of this plant was to meet the growing demand for electricity in the Michoacán region and to do so in an efficient and re...

Our Geothermal proyects

Throughout these years we have carried out numerous projects in this activity.

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