Decarbonisation and Environment

We promote the conservation and preservation of the natural resources of our planet, the Decarbonisation and Energy transition


TSK is aware that society demands, with increasing insistence, a better quality of life and, therefore, the conservation and preservation of the many valuable natural resources of our planet.

TSK has the knowledge and experience to help industry in its decarbonisation process, identifying carbon emission points and decarbonisation alternatives such as the substitution of raw materials and fuels, energy efficiency measures or the implementation of improvements in production processes.

Water Treatment

TSK has given special importance to the development of technologies aimed at the supply of drinking water, the purification of waste water and industrial effluents, and the use of sludge after its correct treatment, following the current 3Rs policy on waste (Reduction, Recycling and Reuse).

It has its own technology for containerized plants which are easy to transport, install and operate, making it the ideal solution for purification and emergency supply or for supplying drinking water to isolated populations.

Our Environment proyects

Throughout these years we have carried out numerous projects in this activity.

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