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Attracting and retaining talent, the key to our success

At present, the human resources function needs to be flexible, adaptable and capable of driving change; it must also provide a rapid and efficient response to business needs and priorities

TSK promotes the professional and human development of its staff and encourages the exchange of ideas on a global scale, with the conviction that this way new concepts are created, especially when professionals from different disciplines and with different backgrounds come together. This unity guarantees long-term success and training of the best teams, relying on the potential of each of the different members of the team.

Our objective in terms of personnel selection is to identify and incorporate both professionals committed to the TSK project and young talent with development potential. We want to be an attractive company for our employees and we compete for the most qualified, offering a wide variety of incentives. The key to success is in our attractive benefits, performance-related pay and international development opportunities. We give particular importance to a company culture that is oriented towards dialogue and teamwork.

    Further Education A key aspect of conserving and improving the company's human capital is to provide professionals with the necessary training resources and knowledge. In this sense, we have various training programmes to cover the needs of our employees: Technical training, given by external suppliers or by specialists from the company, who transmit knowledge and experience to the team; Training in languages - English, French, German and Italian - through free programmes; Training in management skills; Training in information technologies with the aim of improving knowledge of computer tools, both generic and specific to the company.

    Professional development plan TSK's salary system includes fixed and variable components. On the other hand, we encourage mobility and promote the filling of vacancies through internal promotion, facilitating the voluntary movement of staff to enhance the development of their professional careers, talent management and the best possible matching of people to positions. This process allows employees to apply for those positions they find attractive, advising and supporting candidates who show interest in a particular position.

    Social Benefits We make a special effort to ensure and guarantee the quality of life of our employees, to support the integration of the disabled and to implement the best practices to facilitate the reconciliation of professional and personal life, such as flexible working hours, the division of holiday periods and the reduction of working hours, among others.