Digital Innovation – Data Center

TSK Digital Innovation is the division in charge of projects related to the digitalization of the industry and where innovation plays a key role as a vector of evolution.

We develop high added value solutions that allow us to improve the value chain of our clients and optimize their performance, based on the enabling technologies under the protection of Big Data, Internet of things, Artificial Vision or Virtual Reality. Likewise, we have our own solutions which, although they were born under the protection of different needs of the rest of TSK’s business lines, have become exportable solutions to other sectors, industries and clients.

Data Center

TSK, highlighted as a leading company in large-scale industrial projects, is positioned as a pioneer in sustainability and decarbonization. This commitment not only reinforces its role in technological evolution, but also contributes to the development of essential infrastructures to meet the growing demand for digital services.

TSK’s entry into data center construction is not simply a natural extension of its vast industrial experience and highly professional team; it is a tangible manifestation of its adaptability and vision for the future. TSK’s ability to offer turnkey projects on a global scale not only underscores its leading position, but also consolidates its position as one of Spain’s leading companies in the data center construction sector.

This strategic expansion reflects TSK’s ability to anticipate and address the changing needs of the technological landscape. Its focus is not only on technical excellence, but also on the integration of sustainable solutions, marking a significant milestone in the convergence of innovation and environmental responsibility.


Our Digital Innovation

Throughout these years we have carried out numerous projects in this activity.

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