Sustainable Technologies

Development of Sustainable Technologies

After decades of experience, at TSK we work together with our customers, suppliers and partners to offer technologies and services that contribute to a more sustainable development, providing solutions for industry and the energy sector that reduce costs, increase productivity, save energy, decrease the environmental impact and improve working conditions.

We are a company with a strong industrial tradition integrating many technologies in the most varied technical disciplines in sectors such as steel, cement, paper, sugar, fertilizers, oil & gas, ports, water treatment, environment, energy or storage and transport of raw materials.

Thanks to our technological capacity, TSK continues to develop new solutions that help our clients on the road to energy efficiency, decarbonization and digitalization of their activities.

Leader in Renewables


Participation in more than 1,000 MW


Leader in unique projects

Wind, Biomass and Geothermal

Significant references in Europe and America


Leader in different technologies

Prestige in conventional energy

Simple cycle and combined cycle plants

Engine plants

Very significant references in Africa, Asia and America in the last 5 years

Leader in Handling

Proprietary technology  of recognized international prestige

Great tradition in Industrial Plants

References in Steel, Sugar, Cement, Oil&Gas, Environment and Paper

Leader in Electrical Infrastructure

References in more than 35 countries

Solid and sustained growth via internationalisation, diversification and acquisition of technology