TSK has its own technical capacity to develop and optimize the efficiency of biomass projects


Biomass power plants use forest, agricultural or livestock waste as fuel, as well as energy crops. The production of renewable electric energy is done through a thermal process, either combustion, gasification or pyrolysis, which produces steam, which drives a turbine coupled to an electric generator.

Local Employment Opportunities

A biomass plant is an important boost to local employment, both for the operation and maintenance of the plant itself and for the forestry or agricultural activity associated with the management of biomass.

Sustainable management of forest and agricultural resources in general

The use of biomass for energy purposes enables the sustainable development and management of forest and agricultural resources

Environmental Benefit

The use of biomass has important environmental benefits: it favors the cleaning and conservation of forest plantations and municipalities, thus reducing the risk of fires and allowing the recovery of agricultural waste and by-products of the food industry. In addition, its use replaces environmentally polluting energy sources, contributing to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

A biomass plant to reduce the risk of fire in Cantabria

After the execution of the turnkey project of the biomass plant of Reocín, TSK demonstrated its technical capacity in engineering and project management, as well as the experience acquired, and the strong investment in innovation carried out by the ...

Our projects in Biomass

Throughout these years we have carried out numerous projects in this activity.

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