Leader in thermosolar energy.


With the experience accumulated since the early participation in 2006 in the pioneering power plant Nevada Solar One, in the USA, and following the acquisition in 2013 of the German technology company Flagsol, TSK has become a leader in the thermosolar energy sector, being one of the three companies with the most references worldwide in thermosolar energy and storage systems with 16 plants executed and more than 1 GW in operation.

Construction, operation and maintenance of an energy colossus in the middle of the desert

The Shagaya solar thermal power plant in Kuwait has been a great challenge for TSK, from its construction to its current operation and maintenance phase. The magnitude of the project, together with the special environmental conditions of the region, ...

Nuestros proyectos en energía Termosolar

A lo largo de estos años hemos realizado numerosos proyectos en esta actividad.

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