TSK is a world leader in photovoltaic power plants, with a track record of 16 years in which we have built more than 200 plants worldwide.


Spain, France, Italy, Romania, The United States, Argentina, Panama, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Bolivia, El Salvador, Japan, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt or Jordan. In total, these plants exceed 5,000 MW of installed power, for many of which we have also managed the Operation and Maintenance phase.

We must highlight our technical capacity, carrying out large-scale photovoltaic projects in desert areas such as the Shagaya Renewable Energy Park or highly complex projects such as PV San Fermín (Puerto Rico), where diesel and battery systems are mixed with photovoltaic energy, all managed by an in-house designed Cloud Control System in order to keep the plant stable at all times, regardless of weather conditions.

We also have a Control Centre with specialised personnel where the correct operation and maintenance of each of the photovoltaic plants, from which the functions of global monitoring of production, monitoring of the electrical parameters of the plant, inverters and electrical cabinets, PR (Performance Ratio) calculations, monitoring of security cameras, weather forecast, reception of alarms and notifications, as well as the different reports, are coordinated at all times with the different maintenance teams.

The complexity of the project that survived a hurricane

In 2017, Hurricane Maria, a category 5 hurricane, devastated the island. However, the San Fermín solar project withstood the disaster, becoming a possible prototype for the future of solar energy under similar circumstances. The Loiza region, east o...

Our photovoltaic projects

Throughout these years we have carried out numerous projects in this activity.

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