Mission, Vision and Values

TSK Commitment


TSK’s mission is focused on being a highly competitive organization in the execution of technological solutions in the infrastructure, energy, industrial and environmental sectors, pursuing the satisfaction of the client and the people who make up TSK at all times, in a commitment to their personal and professional development.


The Group’s vision is to be a cutting-edge company, leader in terms of human resources, technology and profitability, in order to offer efficient solutions that contribute to a more sustainable development, ensuring the satisfaction and confidence of our customers, partners, employees and society in general.


The group has defined the following values as part of its commitment to society and its visión:

Competitiveness:As an inherent value of the company for the successful achievement of our vision.

Innovation: TSK is committed to innovation in its processes and ways of working, offering the customer the most innovative services on the market. We maintain a vigilant and proactive attitude towards opportunities, in a process of continuous development.

Excellence: Quality is an intrinsic value of the company, which aims to offer products and services that aspire to excellence. Our companies must be perceived by the customer as companies that offer solutions and installations of the highest quality.

Flexibility:The activity of our companies is framed within the services to the industry, so flexibility is a fundamental factor to compete with larger companies and resources. We want to transmit this flexibility in all our companies, being able to adapt to the changes that may occur.

Collaboration:This value is always present in the organisation and culture of TSK, extending to daily relations with customers, suppliers, employees and society in general. Our spirit of collaboration is reflected in our daily actions.

Commitment and Respect:These are values that are deeply rooted in the organisation. Commitment must be a sign of identity in all our actions, as well as respect for all groups with which we have a relationship.

Enthusiasm and Passion:Only through the enthusiasm and passion we put into our projects, behaviour and actions is it possible to achieve our common goal, to make TSK the leading company and a reference in the market.