PARVAMAP 3D: Automation and Management of warehouses with radar technology

Using radar technology and its own software adapted to the needs of each installation, PHB has developed a new solution to improve machine operation and warehouse management.

This new technology is able to parameterize and visualize the material stockpiles in 3 dimensions and in real time, thus achieving:

  • Increased performance of the production processes by allowing the programming of the machines directly from the control room.
  • Minimization of risks by eliminating the operation from the field. The programming (work areas) of the machines is done from the control room.
  • Flexibility of the operating positions. Simple graphic interface that allows operators to adapt in a minimum of time.
  • Efficient storage management. With radar technology, stored volumes are monitored, enabling efficient, accurate and fast storage management of stockyards.

It is a technology perfectly adaptable to different installations as it maintains at all times the independence between production programming and PARVAMAP 3D management, so it can be used both in new installations and for the modernization of stockyards and machines already in operation.

PARVAMAP 3D has been developed with the grant obtained in the modality of commercial projects (2020 call for public aid by state ports “PUERTOS 4.0”), it has been validated in a real installation with the cooperation of the Port of Alicante and Eiffage infrastructures.

PHB has incorporated to its offer (PARVAMAP 3D) as an optional and adaptable package to the particular storage needs of each client, including from the study of the equipment to be used to the commissioning of the entire system.