The heat of the Earth in Mexico converted into energy

TSK developed the EPC Los Azufres III Phase II geothermal plant in Mexico (Los Azufres), with a capacity of 25 MW.

The objective of this plant was to meet the growing demand for electricity in the Michoacán region and to do so in an efficient and renewable manner, taking advantage of the fact that this area of Mexico is home to one of the largest geothermal reserves in the world.

The Los Azufres geothermal plant had a guaranteed net capacity of 25 MW, a requirement that was amply met, and was executed by TSK for Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). This plant is made up of a generation unit, installed in its powerhouse, as well as all the necessary equipment (condenser, cooling tower, hot-well pumps, system for extracting uncondensable gases, etc.) to integrate a geothermal steam cycle. The plant also has a lifting substation.

The installation of this 25 MW unit was connected to the steam network which has its wells drilled at different points in the area and which allows a continuous and constant supply of the necessary heat in the form of thermal steam, which is used with low specific consumption technology.

The electricity generated by the plant is received at the Azufres Switcheo Sur substation through a 115 kV line, where it is connected to the Mexican National Electricity System.