IT projects for industry and energy

IT projects for industry and energy

Intelligent solutions for industry

We develop, adapt and integrate solutions from the world of information technology for the industrial world, turning them into operating systems where the user experience is oriented towards obtaining the highest possible performance from the installations and making very different systems behave as one.



ICT Engineering

We develop projects from their initial phase with the elaboration of the basic engineering of communications and evolving it until the complete implantation of technological services in the industrial world


We make traditional communications systems converge with industrial communications systems, achieving the coexistence of both worlds in a single multidisciplinary and properly secured platform

Smart building management

Integration of all the existing systems in an installation (CCTV, fire, air conditioning, access control, …) so that their management is done in a centralised, safe and traceable way.

IP telephony systems

We implement IP telephony systems within the industrial world, with equipment adapted to these needs and integrated with other communication systems between people, such as public address systems and intercoms.

Industrial public address system

We deploy solutions for the soundproofing of large industrial surfaces with equipment based on IP technology, which is scalable and can be integrated with other security and communications subsystems

Acoustic warning to population

We define, implement and maintain large acoustic warning systems for the population, fully managed and monitored in real time to ensure their operation in cases of dam failure, chemical risk, natural disasters, ….

Access Control People

We implement access control systems for people with industrialised equipment capable of withstanding not only the environmental characteristics typical of industry but also the high volumes of people who pass through this type of facility.

Access Control Vehicles by LPR

We implement fully automated access control systems for vehicles, based on image analysis for the recognition of vehicle licence plates, even in movement and integrated with the rest of the access control systems that the installation may have.

Control of presence and traceability

Based on the access control systems for both people and vehicles, we include a layer of management, control and information exploitation that allows us to make an exhaustive analysis of the movements and stays in the different areas of a facility.

Anti-intrusion systems

We design and implement security systems to prevent intrusion into facilities, being specialists in large areas and having secured hundreds of kilometres around the world. We use technologies such as image analysis and radars for the correct functioning of this type of system.

Systems integration

Our knowledge and experience in both the world of information technology and operations allow us to undertake projects where the integration of new solutions with existing systems in the facilities is an essential requirement.