Cybersecurity OT

Modelling Cybersecurity OT

The challenges of cybersecurity

The evolution of the industry over the last few years, with the integration of the business layer into the production environment, has increased the challenges of cybersecurity by interconnecting previously isolated worlds.

These risks, which must be dealt with from the rigour that their impacts would cause (disruption of the plant’s productive service, theft of industrial information, etc…) mean that at Digital Innovation we manage cyber security throughout the entire plant cycle; starting in the design phase of the plant by incorporating good practices and applicable legislation, executing the design in the construction phase and proactively maintaining cyber security in the operation and maintenance stage through continuous monitoring, periodic audits and awareness of plant personnel.



Cybersecurity Architecture Design OT

Based on both internationally recognised good practices for the cyber-protection of industrial infrastructures, such as IEC62443 and the NIST framework, and the different national regulations that we find -more and more- in the different geographical areas where the ID cyber-security team operates, we define and model the communications architecture not only for the plant but also for its interrelations with the environment in its different life cycles.

Cybersecurity Audits OT

Periodically we need to know the cyber risks that industrial plants face; our audit service establishes a periodic framework of tests, trials and risk analysis in order to identify, based on its results, the continuous improvement necessary to maintain the plant with an acceptable cyber security risk.

ciberseguridad asumible.

Awareness/Training Cybersecurity OT

Experience teaches us that a large part of the cyber-attacks received in industrial infrastructures have had as their vector of infection the users/operators of the plant, who have often unconsciously introduced the trigger of the attack through usb, visits to web pages, etc… Awareness and training in cybersecurity for these users is key to the success of the plant’s cybersecurity and thanks to our continuous training programme and training pills, we are able to reduce this risk.

Cybersecurity monitoring in infrastructures OT

The cybersecurity control centre is able to monitor 24×7 the cybersecurity events of a plant and anticipate any type of attack that may develop on it. With the knowledge not only technical but also of the process, we will rule out false positives and focus on those events whose origin is not legitimate and that attempt to cause some kind of damage to the industrial infrastructure.

Intelligence and countermeasures

The global operation that Digital Innovation’s cyber security team carries out in all the plants it maintains allows us to find trends in cyber attacks and to anticipate the protection of infrastructures even before any probe detects events that could put the operation at risk.