TSK to build the largest pyrolysis plant in the world

30 June, 2021

The company C6 WtE Ireland1 Holdings (participated by the US companies Gen2Power, Green Waste Energy and the Irish company Glanpower) has entrusted TSK with the design, supply and commissioning of the waste pyrolysis plant in Ireland for a value of 65 million euros.

Located in Offaly County, this new plant will process 75,000 tonnes of waste per year supplied by the Irish semi-state manager Bord na Móna.

This pyrolysis plant is the largest industrial-scale pyrolysis plant designed in the world, which represents a new milestone within the European framework of development and energy transition towards a circular economy model, avoiding the disposal of processed waste in landfills and making it possible to generate electricity from it.

The project integrates conversion process technology at a high temperature and in the absence of oxygen, transforming the waste into a synthetic gas suitable for use in internal combustion engines. This technology, clearly differentiated from incineration, allows waste to be used as a raw material for electricity generation.

The plant includes a gas cleaning system whereby oils, tars and dioxins are removed. A small fraction of the clean gas will be used to keep the process stable and the bulk of the gas production will be used to generate electricity.

With 10 MW of installed capacity, the power generated at the plant will be fed into the Irish grid, and remunerated on the basis of the long-term power sales and purchase agreement signed with Naturgy Ireland.

This pioneering project will provide a sustainable solution for the management and valorisation of solid waste in Ireland, paving the way for pyrolysis technology as a response to the island’s overcrowded landfill sites.

The project is expected to have a second phase, which will increase the processing capacity of the plant and include pre-separation lines for waste valorisation.

With an execution period of 20 months, the pyrolysis plant will be fully operational in 2023. With this project, TSK is setting itself as a major player within the European objective for energy transition and decarbonisation and once again demonstrates its commitment to new technologies in development, promoting the technological progress that both the waste management sector and society and the objectives of sustainable development demand.