The TSK Campus

The company’s headquarters is located in the Gijón Science and Technology Park

The Gijón Science and Technology Park is the cornerstone of the city’s business fabric, and the central axis of the so-called Margarita Salas Mile of Knowledge, which is home to companies and public institutions where technology and science coexist with art and culture.

Following the addition of a second building in 2018, TSK’s facilities, which can accommodate over 750 employees, are an example of efficiency, innovation and resource optimisation.

Designed and built under the most demanding certifications, the facilities allow considerable energy savings, thanks to the use of natural light and the integration of open spaces, gardens and courtyards as part of the working environment. The office complex has an inmotic system that, among other benefits, allows the intensity of lighting to be regulated based on the presence and existing luminosity or the air conditioning system to be controlled based on criteria of occupation and outside temperature, generating more comfortable working spaces, all integrated into a unified control system developed by TSK itself. It is also equipped with numerous services for employees that help to generate a comfortable atmosphere and facilitate work-life balance, such as two cafeterias, a health centre for medical examinations, a gymnasium, an auditorium and a training centre.