The Workshop

6,000 m² and an average workforce of 50-60

Located in Gijón since 1998, the workshop was created to complement the services offered by TSK.

Its quantitative and qualitative growth has developed at the same pace as the company, and it now has a surface area of 6,000 m² and an average workforce of 50-60 operators, making it possible to produce 100,000 hours per year, while simultaneously manufacturing 200 electrical cabinet columns.

Thanks to its permanent commitment to innovation and technological development, the workshop now has its own capacity for the development and management of global projects, from an individual cabinet to a complete industrial plant and even completely finished electrical rooms under a container.

 All its production, whose quality guarantee is internationally recognised, is carried out under IEC regulations and the European directives of EC marking; being able to adapt its productions and products to any local and international regulation requested.

With the passing of time, the workshop has been growing to adapt to the needs of its clients, offering spaces equipped to carry out all types of adjustments and programming of electronic equipment as well as equipped rooms where the checking and verifications are being carried out corresponding to the FAT tests that are being done in the workshop.

Its commitment to TSK as a global company enables it to offer maximum flexibility and adaptation to any type of project or geographical location where its products are destined, one of its greatest values being the guaranteed minimum manufacturing period.

As an added value for its customers, the workshop offers the services of assembly and installation of its products on site, as well as the supervision of the same and assistance in commissioning; all with the final guarantee of TSK.