Ethics and compliance

TSK Commitment

Since its beginning, TSK has sought to establish itself as a leader in its sector, promoting a "corporate culture of respect for the law" in order to achieve its objectives

In this document, TSK’s Management acquires a firm commitment to promote ethical behaviour in a proactive manner by using the necessary resources in the control of the business processes that allow it to differentiate itself in the market and ensure competitiveness. In this regard, it has published the Compliance Policy and its own Code of Ethics, in addition to the implementation, since 2013, of a Crime Prevention Plan, which establishes the principles and values that must govern all commercial relations and whose revision and updating is the responsibility of the Ethics Committee.

TSK has created a channel for queries and complaints for the resolution of any doubts regarding the Criminal and Anti-Bribery compliance management system, as well as for the communication of any possible irregular conduct contrary to this.

Enquiries should be made through the form provided for this purpose in the criminal and anti-bribery compliance enquiry system and they will be dealt with and resolved directly by the person in charge of the enquiries.

Complaints shall be made through the corresponding criminal and anti-bribery compliance complaints system form and shall be received by the person in charge of the channel to verify whether or not they are appropriate and, in the event of verification, shall be passed on to the Ethics Committee, which shall resolve them within the established deadlines. All actions carried out in this regard shall be in accordance with the internally defined procedures and shall be guided by the principle of compliance with the law, guaranteeing the confidentiality of the informant, i.e. anonymity in relation to third parties, except when required by the competent judicial or administrative authority.

The absence of reprisals against bona fide whistleblowers is also guaranteed, and they will be informed of the progress of the complaints made and, where appropriate, once a resolution has been reached.

Notwithstanding the above, TSK members and third parties will be informed that the imputation of facts, with knowledge of their falsity or with reckless disregard for the truth, may lead to criminal or civil liabilities in the terms contemplated in the current legislation.