Start-up of the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium Playing Field Automation System

6 November, 2023

During the month of October, PHB Weserhütte (TSK) carried out commissioning tests on the ATJ system, which is now fully operational.

Since the beginning of the League, the system has been in operation and has yielded highly satisfactory results in terms of turf conservation.

Through the following video, published by Real Madrid, the project manager, Hugo Diaz, has had the opportunity to explain about the operation of the electromechanical system in detail, whose detailed engineering, manufacturing and installation were carried out by PHB.

The installation has been carried out without interfering with Real Madrid’s regular sports program and with other work at the stadium in the least, which represented a considerable challenge that was satisfactorily overcome.

TSK’s Infrastructure and Digital Innovation divisions have also participated in the development of this project, taking responsibility for the entire electrical and control installation, communications, access control and centralized supervision systems.

In summary, the PHB Weserhütte (TSK) team is proud of the progress made in the implementation of the ATJ system, which will allow Real Madrid to face its next athletic challenges under the best conditions.