A new horizon for machine programming and warehouse management.

27 September, 2023

In its effort to improve the automation of its machines and optimize production efficiency, PHB has created an innovative system based on radar technology.

PARVAMAP 3D enables volumetric control of the warehouse and positioning of machines in the stock yards, all managed from the control rooms.

This technological breakthrough is not only applied to new projects, but is also implemented in existing projects, giving customers the ability to increase productivity and minimize risks, while gaining detailed and up-to-date control of their warehouses.

The implementation of this new technology package represents a leap forward in machine programming and warehouse management, opening a horizon of possibilities in the efficiency and optimization of these processes.

PARVAMAP 3D has been developed thanks to the grant obtained in the modality of commercial projects (2020 calling – ports of the state “PUERTOS 4.0”) and has been validated in a real installation with the cooperation of the Port of Alicante and Eiffage infrastructures.

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