TSK to supply a Flexible Gas Power Plant in Ivory Coast

23 November, 2020

The energy group ERANOVE has awarded TSK the contract for the supply of the ATINKOU Flexible Gas Power Plant in Jacqueville, about 40 km from Abidjan, the economic capital and main city of Ivory Coast. The contract for TSK means more than 250 million Euros.

This is the largest project of its kind in the Ivory Coast, as well as in West Africa.

Based in Paris and with more than 9000 employees, Eranove has developed a model that is unique in Africa by combining more than 60 years of experience on the continent and value development in the water and electricity sector.

The ATINKOU plant will produce 2,875 GWh annually, it will be capable of powering approximately one million homes and will create 2,500 jobs during construction and operation.

The gas turbine technology is SIEMENS SGT5-4000F. It is the first class F gas turbine in West Africa. The plant will also have a recovery boiler, with 3 pressure levels, a cooling tower, water intake and SIEMENS SST-3000 steam turbine.

The Plant will be connected to the new substation and 400 kV electricity transmission network. This is the first network in the Ivory Coast of this voltage level, aimed at reducing losses in the transport of energy.

The ATINKOU Plant is part of the development of Power Generation Plants that make ERANOVE, through its company CIPREL, which currently operates plants for a total of 556 MW, a leading operator in the Ivory Coast and throughout the West African region.

The new ATINKOU Plant is designed to meet all the environmental standards of the World Bank, and has very low emissions associated with it.

The financing of the Project has been structured mainly through IFC (International Finance Corporation), a member of the World Bank. ERANOVE has signed the corresponding agreement with the State of Ivory Coast which guarantees the purchase of the electricity produced by the ATINKOU power station for 20 years.

TSK is currently executing for ERANOVE the first combined cycle in Togo, located in the capital Lomé, which will help meet almost 40% of the country’s electricity demand.

With this award TSK reinforces its presence in Africa where only 35% of the population has access to electricity and where TSK has executed numerous projects for the energy sector in countries such as Egypt, Senegal, Morocco, Togo, Algeria, South Africa, Uganda or Mozambique.