SAN FERMÍN 26,54 MW Hybrid Photovoltaic Plant

Puerto Rico

Project SAN FERMÍN 26,54 MW Hybrid Photovoltaic Plant

Description Type of module: Polycrystaline SI
Type of supporting structure: Fixed
Energy generation: 42,161 MWh/year

Location Loiza (Puerto Rico)

Client San Fermin Solar Farm LLc/ Uriel Inversiones

Finish date 2014

More info about the project

The photovoltaic field, with 27MW of power in 240W polycrystalline plate, was built on land prone to flooding, in addition to being in a hurricane zone. All the components of this photovoltaic field had to be raised to a minimum height of 2m, including inverters, transformers and medium voltage cells. The plate and structure as a whole have to withstand winds of up to 250 kmh. To meet these demands, TSK had to design and manufacture a special structure, never used before. In addition, it had to comply with an unprecedented level of demands in terms of the quality of the energy generated, set by the electricity company operating on the island, withstanding voltage gaps, generating reactive energy on demand and with control of the power ramp and frequency regulation. This level of demand is directly related to the meteorological aspect in the form of cloud presence, for which TSK also developed an innovative weather prediction system. TSK also built the substation associated with the plant. The plant was connected to the grid and commissioned in September 2013.


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