11 MW SHAGAYA Photovoltaic Plant

Shagaya Renewable Energy Park (Kuwait)

Project 11 MW SHAGAYA Photovoltaic Plant

Description Type of module: Polycrystaline SI /CIS
Type of supporting structure: Fixed
Energy generation: 19,832 MWh/year

Location Shagaya (Kuwait)

Client KISR

Finish date 2016

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Shagaya photovoltaic plant in Kuwait


TSK has carried out the construction of the first solar plant in Kuwait. This 10 MW photovoltaic plant, together with the 50 MW solar thermal plant also designed and built by TSK, are part of the first phase of the construction of the Shagaya Renewable Energy Park. This park will have a total installed power of 2000 MW by 2030, in line with the Kuwaiti Government’s plan to produce 15% of its total energy needs from renewable energy sources.

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