SITETRAK: research on new technologies for the intelligent monitoring of EPC projects


Activities co-financed by the SEKUENS Agency and the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan (PCTI).

Digital Innovation


Project monitoring is an indispensable tool for maintaining control of the risks associated with its execution, and is a control service capable of anticipating and detecting current or potential risk situations at an early stage, allowing preventive rather than corrective action to be taken.

The large amounts of data and information collected at each stage of the project require appropriate management, allowing all parties involved to control the process parameters associated with each stage. In this context, the SITETRAK project was born, which aims to combine the monitoring and comprehensive management of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) projects developed by the TSK Group, through the use of Industry 4.0, in order to offer the client an intelligent monitoring that does not exist in the current market, by means of the latest technologies.

The need for this project therefore lies in the challenges faced by EPC projects in terms of controlling, monitoring and optimizing execution. These projects often involve multiple disciplines, suppliers and subcontractors, making it difficult to monitor in real time and make decisions based on accurate information.