SHALTER: New photovoltaic-thermosolar hybrid system
with energy storage in molten salt


Projects co-financed by the CDTI

Renewable Power


The purpose of the project is to develop a new hybrid photovoltaic-thermal technology in large power plants, which will make it possible to generate electricity using both technologies and implement the joint potential of both to store thermal energy through the heating of molten salts, thus ensuring the continuous and efficient production of electricity. The main challenge of the project is to make the proposed hybrid system viable, as there are still many uncertainties regarding the components to be investigated. It is necessary to solve the problem of corrosion of the materials in these conditions, the integrity of the molten salts, or the resistance of the welds of the equipment to be installed. The qualitative technological leap of the project with respect to existing technology is due to the fact that it involves the joint use of the two technologies, photovoltaic, at a very low cost, and solar thermal, with its thermal storage capacity, to generate electricity.