SecuRAT: Immersive physical security system based on autonomous and teleoperated robotic platforms.


Project co-financed by the Government of the Principality of Asturias through IDEPA, the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan (PCTI) and the European Union through ERDF funds.

Digital Innovation


The general objective of the SecuRAT project is to carry out an experimental development of a new physical security system based on the use of immersive technologies and robotic platforms, addressing three main technological challenges:

(1) Absolute positioning systems in robots

(2) Techniques and procedures for the capture and reconstruction of anomalous elements

(3) Integration of surveillance and teleoperation systems based on virtual reality in mobile surveillance robots.

The project will make it possible to incorporate highly innovative features into current physical security systems, including: (a) remote security, (b) extended security and (c) immersive security. This project aims to provide a new approach to physical security systems through the use of robotic platforms capable of operating in the required installations. Thanks to the sensors and cameras of these robots, together with the one that can be loaded on board, the system will be able to locate and move the robot precisely in such a way that autonomous rounds can be carried out. In addition, from an immersive environment, the operator will be able to view the classic CCTV of the installation together with all the information from sensors and cameras on board the robotic platform, as well as teleoperate it.