PhotoAnalytics: Research and design of a new methodology for the design, development and deployment of Big Data analysis techniques oriented to photovoltaic plants


Projects co-financed by the Government of the Principality of Asturias through IDEPA and the Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (PCTI) 2013-2017, and the EU through the ERDF Funds

Digital Innovation


During the last years, TSK has worked on the monitoring of its photovoltaic plants through the use of technologies characteristic of the Internet of things and big data paradigms. This commitment, aligned with the Industry 4.0 initiative, allows TSK to have at its disposal a huge and varied volume of “plant” information that is being used for the remote supervision and monitoring of the installations. The PhotoAnalytics project arises with the objective of deepening this information, investigating the applicability of modern advanced analytical techniques on the large sets of IoT/BigData/I4.0 data.