New system for 3D digitisation of multi-environment industrial plants compatible with Virtual Reality systems for training, process control and maintenance in real time (i-en3D).


Activities co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through the 2022 Call for Innovative Business Groups.

Digital Innovation


The objective of this project is the design and development of a new solution that allows the generation of realistic industrial environments captured by means of 3D digitalisation, correctly characterising all their details and their subsequent transformation to be used for their visualisation and interaction in a Virtual Reality system. At the end of the project, the aim is to obtain a technologically advanced prototype whose implementation in industrial plants will serve to optimise operation and maintenance by facilitating the supervision of their status (in real time and by means of historical records), and to enable access to technical information and simulations that train the operators of industrial facilities. The capture of real industrial environments will be carried out using 3D digitalisation techniques, for which a set of protocols based on laser technology and Structure from Motion (SfM) photogrammetric reconstruction will be researched and developed. This research and development aims to respond to two major challenges: automated in situ digitisation and the processing of the resulting large volume of data to achieve high quality and realistic 3D models. Once this process has been completed, optimisation of the model will be carried out using a process called retopology, which allows the size of the images to be reduced without losing the quality and detail of the 3D models.

The project will define this process and its associated methodology. In addition, research will be carried out into its automation, one of the main technological challenges that will be addressed.

Based on the different 3D environments captured, we will work on their visualisation in a Virtual Reality solution allowing interaction with them. In this way, the user will be able to interact with the environment (grabbing objects, making use of tools, interacting with panels on machines, etc.) and options for manual actions will be provided, where necessary, by means of virtual panels.

Finally, it should be noted that 6 entities will participate in the project, all of them actively. Two of them are clusters (METAINDUSTRY4 and AIN) registered in the Registry of Innovative Business Groups (AEIs) of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Of the remaining 4 companies, two belong to the industrial sector (TSK and IBERASTUR), one is an expert in digital solutions (TALENTO) and the last one is specialised in 3D documentation engineering (DOGRAM).