IMMERLIVE: Real-time immersive content for remote and collaborative monitoring of digital twins over 5G networks.


Activities co-financed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and European funds from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism (RRM), through the UNICO I+D 5G-6G 2023 Call: Program for the Universalization of Digital Infrastructures for Cohesion, within the Advanced 5G R&D Projects program.

Digital Innovation


The overall objective of this project is to advance the state of the art in the generation and representation of digital twins in the industrial environment incorporating immersive content captured in real time. It is intended to improve existing systems by enhancing static 3D models, augmented with IoT information but also with visual information captured in real time. As a representative use case, the fusion of a 3D model of an electrical panel with its capture by volumetric video from several points of view in real time will be investigated. Depending on the use case, the immersive content could be generated using 2D video, volumetric video, 360º or other capture technologies. The goal is to achieve real-time digital twins, which offer the possibility for remote supervisors to collaborate with on-site personnel for different tasks in various domains.