EMI: Intelligent metallic structures through electronic sensor printing


Activities co-financed by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism, through the Call for Innovative Business Groups of the year 2023.

Digital Innovation


The overall objective of the project is the design of a sustainable digital printing process capable of developing electronic sensors for monitoring metal structures providing an intelligent system that allows transmitting high-value information on the state of structural health remotely. Therefore, the project aims to design and validate a sustainable digital printing process through the development of a prototype consisting of a strain gauge, its associated electronics and an RFID communication antenna for monitoring metal structures in industrial use cases.

To address this objective, the following lines of action are proposed:

  • Printing materials compatible with the metallic structures to be monitored will be identified and selected, prioritizing those that facilitate longer sensor life, reusability or recyclability of the sensors.
  • The digital printing process capable of solving complex designs in both 2D and 3D for the production of electronic sensors will be defined.
  • The electronic elements for the sensorization of the structure and transmission of information will be designed.
  • Structural prototypes will be designed and developed for the validation of the technology to allow the integration of printed sensors or direct printing. For this purpose, the metallic structures to be monitored will be defined and sensor validation tests will be performed to evaluate the functionality of the sensors.


TSK Electrónica y Electricidad, S.A.


IDONIAL Foundation

Advanced Manufacturing Cluster of the Metal Industry of Asturias (MetaIndustry4 or MI4)

Functional and Additive Printing Cluster (Functional Print or FP)

TAFCO Metawireless, S.L.

Know-How Innovative Solutions S.L. (KHIS GROUP)