BELENOS: Development of efficient salt heater in solar hybrid technology


Projects co-financed by the CDTI

Renewable Power


The general purpose of the project is to design and model a new salt electric heater system for hybrid solar technology power plants, as well as to propose an efficient layout of the heaters in the configuration of these plants, depending on their size. The main technological challenge of the BELENOS project will be to model the new heater to ensure that it is efficient. To do this, the iterative development of the pilot plant tests with CFD modelling will be considered, so as to obtain an adjusted model that allows subsequent extrapolation to a real-size plant. The technological leap of the project with respect to existing technology is given by the fact that the final design of the heater will guarantee homogeneous heating of the salts, and that the maximum temperature from which the salts are degraded is not exceeded in any operating scenario.

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