ALIMTECH: Research, Development and Implementation of transversal technological solutions that ensure traceability, safety, quality and sustainability of the agri-food sector.


Project subsidized by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism within the PERTE Agroalimentario within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.

Digital Innovation


The ALIMTECH project is motivated by the urgent need of the agri-food industry to adapt to the current global situation: the scarcity of resources that once existed, the high degree of pollution due to the toxic processes of the industry, the high level of food waste and the high consumption of fossil fuels, are some of the almost systematic problems that prevail in this industry, and that ALIMTECH wants to face, from a highly scientific and technological perspective, assuming the necessary research risks that we firmly believe that the Axis1 of the Agri-Food PERTE requires.

To this end, it will focus on different chains in a cross-cutting and representative manner of the agri-food industry as a whole, working to find solutions not only for the sectors of the traditional industry sectors, not only in the meat, fruit and vegetable, ingredients and wine industries, but also in new solutions for novel or alternative food industries, such as functional ingredients or ingredients of insect origin, especially important for this new global situation that accompanies the industry and society. One of the most important motivations of ALIMTECH, which is perfectly aligned with PERTE Agroalimentario, is to solve the problems of traceability and food safety, because it is equally important to improve processes and products, to trace them in an immutable and accurate way, to achieve a significant improvement in resource efficiency of all value chains of the agri-food industry. In this way, a platform will be developed that will allow the different companies and project participants to create their own traceability models using blockchain technology. This is a platform, called ALIM TRACK, for traceable assets in the agri-food sector, which will enable traceability processes to be deployed in a simple way. And each of the companies will have a related performance where it evaluates the incorporation of its processes. On the other hand, the companies will also seek complementary solutions for the industry, both to improve the competitiveness of the subsectors and thus improve production processes and the energy expenditure associated with them, and to improve their sustainability through the use of waste, in line with objective 3 of the Spanish circular economy strategy – Spain 2030: Reduce the generation of food waste throughout the food chain.

 The project, made up of a total of 15 companies and with the participation of 12 technology centers and universities, such as TECNALIA, CSIC and GAIKER, among others, is led by TSK and has obtained a total fundable budget of 12.5 million euros, with a subsidy of 8.8 million euros, to be executed until 2025 and which deals with the research, development and implementation of transversal technological solutions that ensure traceability, safety, quality and sustainability in the agri-food sector.