AID4PV: Modular uavs-based solution for decision making and diagnostic task support of photovoltaic plants using electroluminescence imaging, thermography and RGB vision cameras, electrical analysis and geovisualisation


Project co-funded by CDTI

Digital Innovation


The AID4PV project aims to research, develop and demonstrate in an operational environment a modular solution based on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for PV plant monitoring and advanced diagnostics. The autonomous UAV platform will capture photographic (RGB), thermographic (IRT) and electroluminescence (EL) images to enable near real-time fault detection, leading to PV plant diagnostics in time and cost. The results will be presented in an advanced reporting and geo-visualisation platform including geospatial analysis and visualisation tools. Decision support capabilities will also be investigated, adding the possibility to perform some kind of predefined actions from the UAV platform, minimising the time from detection of an anomaly to corrective actions.