A biomass plant to reduce the risk of fire in Cantabria

After the execution of the turnkey project of the biomass plant of Reocín, TSK demonstrated its technical capacity in engineering and project management, as well as the experience acquired, and the strong investment in innovation carried out by the Company.

The process of generating electricity is carried out by burning biomass of woody origin in a bubbling fluid bed boiler, extracting the heat energy from the fuel provided and transferring it to the fluid. The steam generated is transformed into electrical energy with a power of 10 MWe. The thermal process uses the waste heat from engines to increase the efficiency of the steam cycle.

The Reocín biomass plant was the first biomass power plant built in Cantabria. It supplies electricity to 22,000 homes and prevents the emission of 63,300 tons of CO2 and 8,200 tons of SO2 into the atmosphere each year, significantly reducing the risk of fire in the region’s mountains.