TSK and fibratel sign an agreement to build sustainable and efficient projects in the data center sector.

4 April, 2022

The objective of this collaboration is to respond to the new demands of the sector with all types of projects, including the most demanding and ambitious in the market.

fibratel, an expert in the design and construction of data centers, and TSK, a leading technology company in the engineering and industrial construction sector, have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the growth of both companies in the national and international market, focusing on the data center sector. Both companies, with 100% Spanish capital, have more than 60 years of experience, more than a thousand workers and a turnover of 1 billion euros.

This alliance combines a broad multidisciplinary knowledge, which will allow us to address the entire life cycle of the data center world, from preliminary engineering, design, execution, construction management and commissioning, to subsequent maintenance and operation, providing the capacity to successfully execute this type of project.

The data center market is in full expansion and is experiencing significant growth both globally and in our own country, where this development is especially remarkable. In fact, according to estimates from SpainDC, over the next five years our country could attract investments in physical infrastructures of around five billion euros as Spain becomes the strategic hub of southern Europe. This is precisely what has led fibratel and TSK to sign this alliance, which aims to lay the groundwork to present the end customer with a space that has all the resources derived from the required needs.

In this sense, Carlos Sanz, CEO of fibratel, assures that with the collaboration agreement, both fibratel and TSK “will benefit by allowing us to undertake new and ambitious public and private projects that arise thanks to the combination of our expertise in the data center sector together with the technical capacity and specialization in engineering and renewable energy projects”. And he adds, “our 30 years of experience in the data center sector have provided us with a great know-how that has allowed us to continue growing together with our customers, always adapting to market demands without leaving aside the activity and efficiency that characterizes our added value within the sector”.

One of the great demands of the current market – which also becomes one of the keys of the agreement between TSK and fibratel – is precisely sustainability. Moving towards an environmentally friendly data center has become one of the priorities of the IT sector, since it uses around 3.5% of the world’s energy. This is a problem that needs to be solved quickly due to the exponential growth of the world’s storage volume, which currently exceeds 33,000 trillion bytes, while guaranteeing the efficiency of the installation at all times.

“We have major projects at an international level, but the collaboration with fibratel offers us the opportunity to expand our business even further by focusing on the data center sector, which is undeniably growing. We strive to achieve service excellence and provide optimal solutions to our customers, which are efficient and highly focused on improving the sustainability of the installations. In fact, this is precisely the central axis in our projects, faithful to our commitment to the environment in all our activity”, in the words of TSK’s CEO, Joaquín García.

Both companies, aware of the needs of the market, are planning to carry out projects of great importance in Spain and Latin America, where they will focus their efforts due to their strong expansion in these markets. In fact, a large part of the sales of both companies are centered in these locations, with Latin America accounting for 39% of their sales.

Both CEOs add, “The ultimate goal of this agreement is to respond to the new demands of the sector, which increasingly requires greater capacity and efficiency, in order to achieve a 2025 horizon of 200 MW (IT) built, which would correspond to a turnover of €1 billion at an international level.To this end, it is of the utmost importance to respond quickly to the demands of the data center industry, due to the undeniable growth it has been experiencing in recent times”.