Ana Isabel Bernardo Pérez

Audit and Project Control Department

Ana Isabel Bernardo Pérez joined TSK in 2018 to lead the Audit and Project Control department. She brings more than 20 years of experience in similar positions developed in companies in the sector.


What was your first impression when you joined TSK?

 I think I could highlight two aspects that surprised me above the rest: firstly, the flexibility and adaptability that TSK demonstrates to adjust to the different challenges that its projects present and secondly, the great acceptance that we have as auditors among the rest of our colleagues.


Could you develop the second part a little more?

Of course. We auditors have a reputation for being the Internal Affairs Police Department, who will harass their colleagues, but here they see us as colleagues who help them to anticipate and to prevent the possible risks and challenges the company faces in each project and to implement improvements in their work processes. Meetings are smooth and constructive, resulting in more effective and productive collaboration for everyone.


What makes TSK such a flexible company compared to its size?

We should go deeper into its origins, as it is a company with over 30 years of experience that has continued its growth, both in the workforce as well as in its turnover. Based on my experience within the company, I would say that many decisions are made by consensus between various departments here, and that makes each member aware that his or her opinion counts, that he or she is an active part within TSK and that contributes to his or her personal and professional involvement.


How does TSK deal with geopolitical changes in the countries where it develops its projects?

Because most of our overseas projects are in developing countries, it is not uncommon for governments and their circumstances to change, but it rarely affects us. Thanks to the large number of successful projects we have developed over the years, we have achieved recognition at a technical level that goes beyond the possible political affiliations that can be associated with any project.

How would you define the keys to your department’s success?

The issue about success will depend on who you ask (laughs). We approach every project and every meeting with common sense, good work and high professional ethics so that both our team and our clients feel proud of the work done.